The Abyss Table is a stunning coffee table that mimics the depths of the ocean with stacked layers of wood and glass. Made by London-based furniture design company Duffy London, the limited-edition piece comes with the hefty price tag of £5,800 (nearly $10,000).

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be the most hella you that you can be

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orangeapplesauce asked: they say loosing a puppy is like loosing an arm, so what's it like when you loose tfw no gf?

Well, you gain a gf, whereas in the other situations, you only gain tfw no puppy or limb.


orangeapplesauce asked: how do you feel about the way geo-politics is discussed in most schools?



orangeapplesauce asked: whats the weather like out in oregon? how close are you to Bend Oregon?

Like an hour or two. It’s hot today, but nice.


orangeapplesauce asked: Those dirty yankees amirite fellas?

Fuck Derek jeter (truthfully I have no feelings about baseball)


orangeapplesauce asked: which came first the chicken or the chickens estranged confederate brother

Definitely the chicken.


orangeapplesauce asked: which came first the chicken or the egg

The egg, I’m sure, existed in many species of reptiles long before the chicken.

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Fuck. That post took all of 45 mins to worm over to the “thank you troops” people. No. No. No. No.


Hi. I would like it if we could stop talking about people in the American military as moralistically bad people? It would really be so much more productive to talk about the structural forces at work that economically drive young people into the military than it would be to take this stance that they’re all just bad. Like, it’s just bad: bad strategy and bad analysis.

Okay, this post is taking off, so I would just like to clarify that I very strongly support the right of people to fight back against the military when meeting them as enemies. My argument is not that we should give them a pass as enemy combatants, but rather that we abandon the idealistic moral posturing the left has toward them.