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The fact that unequal power relations between men and women existed even prior to the advent of capitalism, as did a discriminating sexual division of labor, does not detract from this assessment. for in precapitalist Europe women’s subordination to men had been tempered by the fact that they had access to the commons and other communal assets, while in the new capitalist regime women themselves became the commons, as their work was defined as a natural resource, outside the sphere of market relations. Caliban and the Witch -Sylvia federici (via harperisafairy)
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Nas feat. Lauryn Hill - If I Rule the World 

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ArtistNas feat. Lauryn Hill
TitleIf I Ruled the World
AlbumIt Was Written


what do you mean you’re “not a dog person”? are you feeling okay? do you need to lie down?

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Anonymous asked: joan rivers has a family...



so do the palestinians she wished dead



More white people believe in ghosts than in racial discrimination | Death & Taxes Mag

This month, following the police shooting of Michael Brown and then the police-led violence against demonstrations calling for justice, one would think that any skepticism regarding the existence of racial discrimination in the U.S. would be eradicated.

And although it’s finally the topic of mainstream discussion, according to a Pew/MSNBC poll, it turns out more white people believe in ghosts than in “discrimination against blacks.”

Not only do 17% of the people polled believe in ghosts, but they also think they’ve “interacted” with them. So, racial discrimination based on hundreds of years of well-documented systematic oppression? Nah. High-fiving supernatural beings, of which there exists absolutely no evidence? Yep!

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we got skeleton decorations in at my work

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When you’re in an argument and you’ve read much more about the subject than your opponent


Your blog: awkward to browse while at work due to cheesy black and white alt porn

My blog: awkward to browse while at work due to communist propaganda

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